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Consumer FAQ (Step by Step instructions on how to set up a FREE account)


Step 1. Open a FREE Metamask Wallet (CLICK HERE)

Remember to Safely store your private key.  If you already have a MetaMask wallet, please have it ready for the sign up page on our website.

Active World Exchange-01_edited.png

Step 2. Open a AWCx Wallet and Exchange Account (CLICK HERE)

This is FREE and can be set up in less than a minute. Please have the email address that you opened the AWCx account with ready for the sign up page on our website.


Step 3. Fund your Metamask wallet with AWRT so you can make dining purchases. 

To fund your Metamask wallet, (CLICK HERE)


Step 4. Go to our restaurant dashboard (CLICK HERE) and search either by Restaurant Name, General Location (such as city or state) or by Cuisine.

To refine your search, you can search by General Location and Cuisine and it will return restaurants that fit your specific criteria.

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